The Forgotten The Movie
The Forgotten The Movie

About the movie

The Forgotten has won the Director's Choice award for Best Feature at the Sedona International Film festival.

October, 1950 - U.N. forces have crossed the 38th Parallel marking the beginning of the invasion of North Korea. During a vicious enemy assault, a decimated U.S. Army Tank Platoon flees in retreat, and two tanks find themselves lost and isolated from the company. Corporal William Byrne, an idealistic, God-fearing young enlistee, gets thrown into the command of the stranded tanks after the death of the platoon's Sergeant. Fighting against unseen enemies and waning spirits, the tanks crisscross the unfamiliar landscape in search of hope and allies. Death, dissention, and a wounded North Korean POW test William's and his crew's will. Struggling to maintain his faith, William's only escape from the suffering and frustration of war are the memories of his wife and the delusions of his morphine-addled mind. His story and that of the journey of tank crew Cowboy 2 is a story of sacrifice and a quest for redemption in a world where humanity and nature collide.

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